Monday, October 18, 2010

miscellaneous thoughts and inklines. . .

Snapshot from Merri Creek.
Ink on cotton paper

Everyday acts.
mixed media on Craft paper.

 Carnival of Resistance.
mixed media on Craft paper.

 Waratah Dreaming.
Mixed media on Craft Paper

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The resistence of memory. v2.0

The Resistance of Memory (v2.0)
Platform Pubic Contemporary Art Spaces/
Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.
Melbourne. 2010

Mixed reclaimed media,
Herbs and preserved gleaned fruit. 
  257 x 50 x 120cm

In Case of Emergency. . .

In Case of Emergency. . .
2009/ 2010
watercolour on cotton paper, plastic bags.

( a little exercise in botanical illustration and food security.)

Off the Wall.
Brunswick Bound; Bookshop & Gallery. Brunswick /

The Linden Postcard Show. 
Linden Contemporary Art Gallery. St Kilda