Sunday, July 4, 2010

Matter of Thyme 2010

Matter of Thyme 
(The Resistance of Memory v1.1 ) 
George Paton Gallery. 
Melbourne. 2010

Mixed reclaimed media &
Watercolour on cotton paper.
Dimmentions variable

serving gleaned (discarded for profit protection) produce and organic bootleg moonshine

Saturday, July 3, 2010

sustainable living festival 2010: Big City Lights.

Sustainable Living Festival 2010
Federation Square- Melbourne.
Big City Lights. 

A Daddy scare-crow, dressed in his Sunday best, escorts his cheeky and clever Kiddie Scarecrow on a long promised train ride into the city to look at shops, people and art. (and a big play on the city playground, of course). Taking the opportunity to let his mind wander after a hard, hot season of crow scaring, he stops to marvel at the giant ghost gums above. Energetically distracted by the colourful and bustling surrounds Kiddie Scarecrow pulls against his Daddies firm and gentle grip to get a better vantage of the show on a nearby T.V.