Wednesday, July 24, 2013

# One Day in the Garden: The new patch.

So Moving to Musk Vale.
A few words come to mind.
But with this also comes. . .
(A NEW. . . ) Garden!
Forest! (in my back Yard)
Awesome Studio and Workshop. 
Amongst others, but I really just want to get to the pictures. . .

So on a few new moons in a baron signs, around half way between equinox and solstice, we decide it was time to evaluate the "ready mades." The Ready Mades: 4 raised garden beds which came with our new humble forest side abode. (which was great to have after abandoning my last garden. It was number 3 in a long line of well loved soil, which was bulldozed my stupid land lords to put in "noice" things like paving or concrete. These lovelies have good northerly aspect with a good gap in the trees for sun. However the soil was in need of much love. It seems to have been over-used for garlic ( Once a little birdie told me that growing garlic for more than 2 consecutive seasons is bad for your soil. )

 Also, after closer inspection it became clear there was something else effecting the soil health.
 The Genius who previously tended this patch thought it a fantastic idea to lay down synthetic carpet as a weed mat. I was unsure if i was judging this in haste, until i took a step back and noticed two things. 
1. There was a bucket tone of weeds in all 4 beds. 
2. the soil under the carpet was bone dry, and hence the water was not passing through.
And this could only lead to one conclusion. The system was not letting the plants find water from outside the shallow confines of the bed, and probably limited microbial exchanges. so the carpet had to go.
So the first task after painstakingly removing the weed was a joyous game of 'dig up a chunk of the bed down to the carpet, dump it on the other side, lift back the carpet.' Repeat. Ad-nausium .

 We did however make some new friends. . .

So, cute! 
We called him Kermy. 
These guys were cool too. strange burrowing creatures. I look forward to remembering to look them up. Anyone have any ideas? 

and on. . . and on. 
Its lucky having hands in the dirt and a spade in my hands makes me so freaking happy. 
its like meditation. Until the back pain! 
Chop wood. . . Carry water. . . Reach enlightenment.
Finally the green manure crop goes in.
Broad beans and Lima Beans. And a good healthy layer of mulch.
We went for 50/50 peas straw and sugar cane as the aim of the game was to increase the nitrogen levels as well as improve the soil texture.
Now we play the waiting game!

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