Sunday, July 21, 2013

#Looking Back 2012: A Romantic in Europe.

Berlin: The Teufelsberg ( Devil's Mountain)

Some notes of interest. . . 

~The mountain is the highest point in Berlin. . .
~It is literally a mountain made from all the debris from WW2 in west Berlin. .  .
(Seeming as though West Berlin was surrounded by East Germany, they chose an old, twisted Nazi science experimentation hospital to dump all the rubble on. The Americans then put a listening station on top, just to keep an ear out for the entire population of Berlin and the pesky, Russians. . . as the new world police, i guess they though it was a good idea)
~It is another awesome Berlin overgrown empty.
~It is a must see, on the non conventional tourist list.
(apparently there is a group doing "tours" and while im sure they are lovely folk, it really just as illegal- so please dont support these guys and there advertised attention bringing, and just ride there and jump the fence. )

 Just through the fence, very strange vibes.

 Sometimes it really is the small thing, eh. . .

 . . . well not for a few months, but yes.

It has a great view of the nuclear power plant. 
 The sound reverberation once you are up inside the geodesic microphone, is crazy! 
There was a french guy, repeating Uber SS, Uber SS! when i was in there, and people clicking and clapping and  singing. The sounds all bled in together and washed all over the space. it was one of the most uncanny audio experiences i've ever had.
The over all impression was one of extreme surreality, and one which was quite difficult to pin down . I could feel the reverberations though time and space, all at once, all washing over me in thick layers in every moment. What experiments were done here in the nazi era? My conscious mind dosent want to know, but it did leave me with an overwhelming and twisted intrigue. How much rubble was pilled here? Im sure i could find the rational answer with some research, but i could almost feel the various histories of all those buildings, all the stories of them being built, all the things that happened in them. Did people die there? And finally the listening station. I got glimpses of the social unease still present in Berlin, and heard so many stories of how things moved through the state of flux after the wall came down. What the people of this place must have felt on a daily basis. Totalitarian government in one breath, "Liberated" and ruled by hyper-capitalism and communism the next. Neither of which spoke your mother tongue or cared for the separation of your family and friends by the line on the map that now prevented them from free involvement in each others lives.    Here at devils mountain all these  intense feelings and events seemed to culminate in a eerie and forbidding way. 

The coordinates for Devils Mountain.  52°29′51″N 13°14′28″E
I found it best to get there by playing put the blue dot on the red pin by bicyle, with the coorordinates 
entered in google maps- if i had taken peoples advice on how to get there
I think  I may  have ended up never getting there at all.